Baby Years 0-2

The first few years are supposed to fly by, recording each month is a way of memory keeping I hope I will come to cherish.


My Top Five New Parent Tips!

My Top Five Gadgets (Months 0-3)

Year 1

Baby Love (Days 1-3): Hospital Stay

Baby Love (Month 1): Survived!

Baby Love (Month 2): Light!

Baby Love (Month 3): Lessons

Baby Love (Month 4): Routines

Baby Love (Month 5): Adventures

Baby Love (Month 6): Momentum

Baby Love (Month 7): Water Junkie

Baby Love (Month 8): Energy!

Baby Love (Month 9): Travel

Baby Love (Month 10): Pumpkins

Baby Love (Month 11): Diwali and Turkey

Baby Love (Month 12): Lumberjack Birthday

Year 2

International Travel Tips

Jungle Book Birthday

Memory Matching Game

Top 5 Toddler Kitchen Skills and Tools

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