Baby Love (Month 8): Energy!

Haiku Summary:
Crawling, climbing–AH!
Crazy is as crazy do
“running,” falling, fun

8 MonthsI’m 8 months old!


  • Crawls at roughly half the speed of light
  • Realized what “bye bye” means……….and does not like it 😥
  • Climbs to standing
  • Loves to be standing
  • Fake “walks” while we hold his hands


My little guy goes to daycare, so when kids started popping up covered in a full rash, it was inevitable that he would get it too. Turns out it is only contagious during the fever stage, which can be light (and mostly confused with a light, teething fever) so parents kept bringing their kids into the school. Roseola cannot be diagnosed until after the fever (of course) when the rash appears. It’s a light illness that majority of kids get under the age of two, and develop a natural immunity towards by the age of four. Oh well… par for the course. Worst part was he that got diarrhea as a result he had some diaper rash–but once I got a hold of him for the weekend I got rid of it. Hard for the school to do, since they change once every 2 hours only. He kept up good spirits at least, cutie.


School Photos

Of course when he had his rash, there were school photos. But they turned out adorable anyways. I told him I would start his LinkedIn profile because he looked like such a little professional.


Climbing Maniac

My little fellow went from crawling to climbing in what seems like the span of 5 days. I can’t believe it!


So we made him a balance bar and he loves it, but struggles a bit with reaching it because we installed it too high. But I’ll just make some squishy cubes for him to crawl on first.

DSC_0756 DSC_0757 DSC_0759 DSC_0770

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