Baby Love (Month 6): Momentum

Haiku Summary:
Back and forth I go
Crawl to my reflection
In my head only

6 monthsI’m 6 months old!

Introduction text


  • Rolling master
  • Thinks he can crawl in his sleep, and tries
  • Sits until he’s bored, then just rolls backwards


  • Height: 0.705 m (2′ 3.75″)
  • Weight: 7.796 kg (17 lb 3 oz)

Top Items

  • Bouncer
  • Foam mats

Went to our local zoo, which is actually a rescue facility (so has things like black bears, cougars, and deer), and baby D found quite a bit to stare at. If we go again, we’ll not to 3PM on a 103 degree day. So. hot.


For the fourth of July we usually get away from society, our dog isn’t a very big fan of fireworks so we leave. We went to a National Seashore to enjoy the national holiday, and then drove back hoping to make it home before the fireworks. We ate dinner, but apparently the local area starts their show at 8PM, which is ungodly early, and so when we left the restaurant we found our pup had climbed all the way from the back of the Subaru to the front driver’s seat and pushing the gas to the the heck out of dodge, because Dodge was exploding and it was the end of times. He slept with his head under our bed, and we turned on all our white noise machines. Poor lil guy.



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