Baby Love (Month 11): Diwali and Turkey

Haiku Summary:
Travel bunny hop
East to West Coast
Yay for Thanksgiving

11MonthsI’m 11 months old!

After a relatively calm October, we had to prep for a long flight first to Florida to visit baby D’s great grandma (my grandpa passed away in June, and this was the first Thanksgiving alone), then back across the country to Oregon to celebrate Thanksgiving with the rest of the family.


  • Third, Fourth, and Fifth flights (longest trip to date)
  • First Diwali
  • First Thanksgiving
  • First trip to Florida
  • Met great grandma


I create handmade rangoli/kolam every year from rice I dye with food coloring. If you want to learn how to make a kolam design, I wrote a tutorial you can read (Click Here). My tutorial was featured on CraftGawker as well.


Flying Around

Let me survive toddlerhood and a threenager, then I’ll crown myself “Good at Flying with Small Humans” until then, I’ll account it up to baby D’s good-natured personality.longflights

On the longest leg of the journey, baby D and four other small infants did such a good job, the pilot gave them all little flight wings. How cute! 🙂



Florida was a little sobering trip. It was a short three days, and Baby D struggled with the timezone change, similar to when we had traveled to Hawaii–just four hours in the reverse direction. Aside from night-time, he was his usual well-behaved and happy self. We visited to Blue Springs State Park, a habitual visit, and got to see some of the winter-time manatees enjoying the temperate spring water. We also supported my grandma so she could spread the ashes from my recently departed grandpa without being alone.



Baby D got to spend some quality time with his cousin Miss C, who is 9 month older than he is, and his cousin Lady A, the senior of the group at 2 years old. And of course, he enjoyed a lot of good food courtesy of his great uncles–who are always amazing Thanksgiving chefs.




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