Diapers Needed for 0-7 months

For baby shower gifts to family (and myself) I buy 7 months worth of diapers, after feedback–I’d say I have a fairly reliable system down.

Number of Diapers for the first 7 monthsIf your family tends to have standard-issue babes in terms of size, then I’d recommend the newborn size diapers.

A note on prices

Pay attention to the price per diaper more than the price per container. I spent about 20-25 cents per diaper for Pampers Swaddlers (2014)

I chose Swaddlers because I preferred their smell (none!). While I did not actively use cloth diapers, I did have several string nappies that I used during air time to prevent diaper rash.

I used Amazon Mom with Amazon Subscribe and Save. Which is 20% off on the cost of the box of diapers. How and where you decide to buy is your own choice. This is where I’m getting my pricing.

Diaper Quantities & Prices

Again, your price may be different–but focus on the price-per-diaper. I should probably say, I don’t work for Pampers nor did they give me any freebies for this post, this is just what I used. Little free word-of-mouth advertising for them I suppose. Myself and his school changes his diaper every 2 hours. He’s gotten diaper rash once (due to diarrhea), and has only had two blow-outs.

Newborn (less than 10 lbs)
Size 1 (8-14 lbs)
  • 648 diapers (3x 216 ct Swaddlers Economy Box)
  • Cost: $110.37
Size 2 (12-18 lbs)
  • 558 diapers (3x 186 ct Swaddlers Economy Box)
  • Cost: $114.42
Size 3 (16-28 lbs)
  • 648 diapers (4x 162 ct Swaddlers Economy Box)
  • Cost: $147.16

Total # of Diapers: 2110 (sorry, again, environment)

Total Appx. Cost: $427.85 (~$61/month)

My son is still on Size 3, as he’s around 20 lbs, my niece is also still on Size 3 as she is around 26 lbs at 16 months old. Best of luck out there.


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