Baby Love (Month 2): Light!

Haiku Summary:
baby smiling coo
some tummy time exercise
small arms reach and flail

5x7I’m two months old!

Month two is an entirely different world. Suddenly your night is broken into two, four-hour segments…his eyes focus. He smiles. Your fake “achooo!” is funny. You’re a source of joy. This is what you signed up for.

Once we figured out he wasn’t getting enough milk from me alone and started supplementing, he basically stopped crying. He didn’t go through a “purple crying” or “colic” phase, rather he became “predictable.” His cries meant one of three things:

  1. I’m pretty frustrated that I’m still awake—also, I don’t want to sleep
  2. I told them 30 seconds ago I was hungry…omg, they are starving me! CALL CHILD SERVICES!!!
  3. I want to poop, but my fart scared me 😥



  • Baby D took his first selfie (01/23)
    (e.g. he freaked out seeing his face in the foreward-facing camera and flailed his arm at my phone accidentally taking a pic…haha). See:
  • He smiles (01/28)
  • His first thunderstorm (02/06)
  • His first Valentines day (02/14)
  • He sleeps through the night (02/19)

Stats at 2 months

  • 23 inches (58.42 cm) tall
  • 39.7 cm around
  • 12 lbs 0 oz (5.44 kg)

Top Items: Month 2


Month 2, baby D went from being perpetually naked to frequently seen in onesies. Swaddling was still his main squeeze, and all of the items from Month 1 still are near and dear to our ability to function. New additions are:

  • Any outfit with a zipper instead of snaps
  • Dr. Brown Pacifiers (did I have an ideology on pacifiers? maybe… but it’s gone now)
  • Medela Cooler (despite my boobs about to sing their swan song at this point, I still carried pre-made formula bottles in this)
  • Activity Gym

Items we used in Month 1, that were raised up in priority in Month 2:

  • Diaper Genie (Formula consumption began to dominant the food scene…and man or man… diaper genie raised in importance rather quickly) #stinkystanky
  • Pack n Play with Bassinet Insert (This was used as our changing table as he still slept in the Rock n Play in Month 2)

Tips/Suggestions/Random Thoughts

  • Explore
    Now is a good time to start venturing out, maybe solo. Even if it is just to the grocery store, or pushing the stroller around regularly. The act of getting your little bubble ready all by yourself is an ordeal that needs practice, and  if you didn’t start in the blur of month 1, month 2 is a great opportunity to ease into such activities.
  • Have food and a blanket ready for the 2-month appointment
    He’ll be one sad panda after all his shots, and this is a sure way to bring him back to his happy place the quickest. The pediatrician/nurse left me alone in the room for as long as I needed, but we were packed up and out in about 10 mins.

20150223_151825Right after his shots (LOOK at the band-aids 😥 )

20150223_155846About two mins later 🙂

  • Your middle finger
    I’m not actually condoning that you flip someone off…but mentally flip people off. Around month 2 you’ve successfully helped your beau survive without any help from John Q public. So when you go to Target and place your car seat inside the shopping cart and someone (once they notice the car seat) acts like your Target shopping cart suddenly became wider and more of an inconvenience to them (despite your infant being asleep)…this is your opportunity to flip them the mental middle finger. Or, my favorite, stop and death stare until they realize they released the kraken and run away. Extra points for not blinking. Extra points if they were waiting in line at the pharmacy. #hormones

Feeling the Love


In what must be a rather lengthy definition of unconditional love, the phrase “scrutinizes and assists poop habits” definitely shows up. That being the case, I was hit with the love bug.

Yes, the love bug was poop.

But also, love.

In month 1 I was so drained, so frustrated, so disappointed in myself. I thought, “Why did I ever think I could be a good mom? I should have just focused on work.” But then he smiled. He smiled at ME. His eyes, comprising my entire family and my husband fixated on me, and smiled. So now I sit at 3AM, baby D not even actually awake, but I am just staring at him. I could go back to sleep, but look at how his hands are laying...

*takes grainy and too dark photos*

*posts to instagram*

*sends to mom grandma over Facebook*

I was exhausted, nauseated, sober, and prepared for this little human for nine months. Whose every contraction I felt in full unmitigated pain to bring in this world. Whose appearance forever altered the very way I interact, view, and exist. Pauses, looks at me, and smiles. I am addicted to the happiness his smile brings me, and I want to make him smile even more, forever.





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