Baby Love (Month 9): Travel!

Haiku Summary:
Flying far away
Four hours cross the ocean
Lovely Hawaii


I’m 9 months old!

The ninth month was a great deal of fun. Baby D was predictable and compliant–the perfect time for a belated babymoon and to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. The flight to Hawaii was a solid 4-hours, and was PACKED with kids. I was feeling like everyone felt like Hawaii was a good idea, and we were placed every other row because only one lap infant was allowed per row (due to some availability of life saving resources). It was a good flight, if you didn’t stand up you couldn’t hear the cacophony of crying babes.


  • Second airplane trip (but, the longest to date)
  • First time touching the ocean
  • First helicopter ride
  • First boat ride
  • First luau
  • First temple visit


Baby D LOVED the Ocean, he’d splash like crazy. I probably liked Baby Beach the best, because of how shallow and naturally calm it was. But we also really liked the enclosed section of Lydgate State Park.

beach (2)




Probably my favorite part about the helicopter ride was baby D’s headphones, they made his face squishy. He also crashed during the flight, so after a fitful 3 minutes of resisting sleep he passed out and we enjoyed the hour-long flight around the island.


Boat and Luau

Went to the Smith Family Luau. It was a great experience. Very family friendly. We did the boat tour to the fern grotto. After that we went to the Luau, and I was really impressed with how they did the food buffet, it was so organized. They put us all at long tables, and we were near other families with kids, so our section went first, and we had no concern about seconds (or thirds). The show was also very good, but baby D was crashed and slept through it.


The Kauai Hindu Monastery was a great addition to our trip. It had banyan trees and a rudraksha forest, and was a calm and serene location to be. Baby D, being 9 months old, was a doll. He sat and “meditated” with us and just sorta looked around. Glad we brought a few items that weren’t bathing suits or shorts to wear 🙂


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