Baby Love (Month 7): Water Junkie

Haiku Summary:
Splash kick spin
The water is all around
I love everything

7 monthsI’m 7 months old!


  • Started “swim lessons” loves it
  • Pouts if he thinks I’m not picking him up at the end of school
  • Knows “Va” (Tamil for “Come”)
  • Knows “Bottle” and has signed “Milk” (open close fists, and then cry because you’re wasting away before my very eyes)
  • Knows “Engae Appa?” (Where’s Dad?) Will look around for his appa
  • Knows “Engae Ambu?” (Where’s Ambu?) Will look around for Ambu
  • Says “Ma ma ma” “Ba ba ba” “Da da da” “Pa pa pa” and “Ambu” (we’re really second fiddle)
  • LOVES food
  • LOVES swimming
  • LOVES combining food and the act of being in the water

Top Items

  • Ninja Blender
  • Sprout 4 ounce containers
  • Dollar store spoons

If you want to check out some of my baby food recipes, go to my food blog, may I suggest Baby Shepherd’s Pie?


Baby D’s first lesson of blowing bubbles was a bit over his head, but he took very seriously the kicking lessons, and now kicks all the time no mater what.




2 thoughts on “Baby Love (Month 7): Water Junkie

  1. Nice summer post that is baby related.
    I would love to get my soon to be 9 months old into the love of water. He has been in the pool once (when he was 6 months old). He did fine in it, but he sure needs more sessions to learn how to be confident in it. hmm. I need to invest in pool time. Thanks for sharing. Your boy looks precious.

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