Baby Love (Month 5): Adventures

Haiku Summary:
Glamping in style
Enjoyed a National Park
Loves all trees

10478931_10152935477903517_7513372133509289631_nI’m 5 months old!


  • First camping trip
  • First National Park
  • Visited San Francisco
  • First Mother’s Day

Top Items

  • Bumbo Seat

Starting to get used to the daycare routine by this point (mom), though baby D seems impartial. I visit him every single day at lunch, and it’s a bit of an addiction to see how excited he gets when he notices me. Love that little guy! Had a lot of fun camping, my husband made an impromptu baby monitor using the bluetooth on our phones (no cell service where we were) and forward facing camera, so we still got to enjoy the fire late into the evening.

We “glamped” which means we were in a rustic cabin with no amenities, but not in a tent, ha! It was perfect. Our pup and little guy had lots of fun.

We’ve been to this particular National Park before, so exploring and hiking weren’t as important to us–plus dogs are allowed on trails, so it was family friendly to just bum around and relax and eat some chicken grilled on the flame.

Going for a Hike

My first mother’s day I organized for myself, my husband is terrible at this kind of thing but gives me free reign, so I took us all to a very nice four-course brunch and my mom fly out too, so it was nice.

Mother's Day

We also went to San Francisco. It was baby D’s first trip, but he wasn’t overly interested. It was also my mother’s first time I think in the state of California, so we checked out the highlights. Palace of Fine Arts, the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39. We were too tired to do the trolley, and not sure how to manage the stroller. Oh well, another time.

Palace of Fine Arts Golden Gate Bridge

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