My Top Five New Parent Tips!


It almost feels like I underestimated my ability to learn SO MANY tricks of the parental trade so fast. Doesn’t it make you feel like a super-parent when you discover a great solution? Let me know! What are yours?

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you the ones I’ve enjoyed so far too:

1) The car seat fits into a restaurant booth

So, this blew my mind when I realized it. Nope, you don’t need to precariously perch your infant on top of an upside-down booster seat (side note: I’ve seen this setup get knocked over by accident at a restaurant, luckily, dad caught the infant…*vomits*) and nope, you don’t need to bring in your massive stroller. Hallelujah.

20150205_125348 - CopyBooth for 3, please.

Bonus: if you’re in a big-enough city, try out OpenTable. I always just reserved ahead of arriving and put in the requests “We need a booth. Infant in carseat.” and the restaurants were happy to oblige.

2) A giant carabiner holds your grocery bags

Attach onto your stroller handle, and off you go. They actually sell these as a special “mom tool” but they are literally just regular, overpriced carabiners with a logo on it. Just head to a local hardware/outdoor store and pick up a giant one for a dollar.


Bonus: you can snap it off and just keep your bags on it as a carrier for when you multi-task bringing in the groceries with carrying the carseat in the other hand. You know you do.

3) Hand shopping carts can fit on your stroller

Just like the carabiner, you’re going to need to make sure you don’t overload it, or at least hold onto the stroller if you do. I’ve filled my with A LOT and never had a problem, but ya know…worry worts.


4) Use an OBall to help your wee one hold their pacifier/bottle

Oball is this GREAT toy that pacifiers pop right into and your little wee one can easily hold. Baby D is getting pretty confident with it, and I saw a tutorial online to snip the hole a little wider and pop a bottle in there… I will be doing that. #handsfreeparenting


5) Newborn bath

So I saw this on Pinterest somewhere (couldn’t relocate the pin) that it is a NICU technique, but when I researched it, I literally could NOT find any information about this being an actual NICU technique. However, I still did it, and it is amazing!

My son adores this technique, and even as a wiggly going-on-four month old, he will lay still and just give me *love* eyes when I cover him and uncover the bits I want to wash. Bonus… gives arm and leg baby massages (gentle squeezing, like milking a cow :P), your wee one might even fall asleep they are so comfortable.

Here is the technique:

  1. Take a large wash cloth/hand towel (I used our soft hand towels)
  2. Dunk into beautifully warm bath water and soak through
  3. Cover your baby with the warm, wet, and comfortably heavy towel. Per the pin, this reminds them of being in their previous rental unit.
  4. Uncover parts as needed to wash, re-wet with your hand as needed to maintain temp.


Bonus for the formula folk!

My milk machines pooped out on me, so my little dude is full formula now. Though, want perfectly warm water on the go? Heat up your liquid to it’s ideal temperature and pop it in a thermus to keep it that ideal level of warmth while you’re out and about. I put the formula in a small airtight container (since formula containers are anything but!)


Bonus for the Backpackers!

Your backpack’s rain fly makes a great temporary rain fly cover for your car seat to use in a dash from the house to the car. It doesn’t 100% cover the car seat, but..rain flys aren’t super breathable. Either way, good if you need to get from point A to point B without soaking the car seat and the baby through. That little sun shade cover doesn’t quite cut it.


So let me know! What are yours?


One thought on “My Top Five New Parent Tips!

  1. He is adorable, I remember when mine were this small, seems so long ago now though (mine are 10 and 12 now!). Make the most of him at this age, it seems to go so fast. Adorable smile in the first photo, his eyes are smiling too 🙂

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