Pregnancy is one of those moments you’re never supposed to forget. It’s supposed to be an emotional and memorable time. Who knows? I’m writing as I go.


Saying Goodbye to Canada

The Merit of Indian Horoscopes


First Trimester: Complete!

Family and Friends Announcement (DIY: Message in an Egg)

Facebook Announcement (Photo idea)

Co-worker Announcement (DIY idea: food & sign)

Taking Inventory

No-Gender Nursery

Group Prenatal Appointments

Contoured Body Pillow: A Poem

Oh, boy! The quandary of naming Mr. Baby

24 Weeks: A Reality Check

Valaikappu: Bangle Ceremony

Baby Dancing (Video)

Second Trimester: Complete!

Baby Shower

Glucose Tolerance Test

Prenatal Screening and Ultrasounds

Third Trimester (Weeks 28-32): Complete!

Packing the Hospital Bag

Third Trimester (Weeks 33-37): Complete!

Maternity Classes

Top 5 Pregnancy Items for the Mom to be!

Third Trimester (Week 38): Complete!

Third Trimester (Week 39): Complete!

Birth and Post-Partum

Best Laid Plans: My Labor Story

Postpartum Toolkit

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