Baby Love (Month 12): Lumberjack Birthday

Haiku Summary:
It’s my birthday
A cute little lumberjack
eating my pancakes

1yearI’m ONE YEAR old!

Lumberjack Birthday

I got his outfit at Target. Target and I were on the same page with this whole lumberjack theme–even the bear hat!

Lumberjack Flapjack Cake with Campfire and Pancake Cupcakes

This cake was made by Ettore’s Bakery in Sacramento. They did a wonderful job, it’s exactly like I envisioned it. This is the almond praline cake, and the campfire cupcakes are carrot cake. Yum!

Lumberjack Birthday Theme


The menu was all homemade (by moi) and it included spiced hot chocolate, pulled BBQ chicken and pulled BBQ jackfruit (for our many vegetarian friends), a baby food bar (for Baby D and his friends: tiny cut sandwiches, crackers, cheese, etc), smoked BBQ beans (made with pumpkin for the vegetarians), and chips with dip. It was all gobbled up!

Lumberjack Birthday Party

Decor and Favors

I know that some people go really overboard with the favors nowadays, and I always loved receiving the favors that my aunt would give out for my cousin’s birthday parties (my mom wouldn’t), so I wanted to do the same for Baby D. But… I wanted to not spend more than 2-2.50$ per kid  (approximately 10% of the avg amount I spend for a kid’s birthday (20-25$)).

Lumberjack Birthday Favors: Don't Feed the Bears!

I got the bears in bulk buying from the Dollar Tree online. They were cute and I bought 12 units (12 bears), and with free shipping to my nearest Dollar Tree, I’d say they were a steal. I made a little sign and added goody bags of graham cracker bears, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips (e.g. “smores”) and a little tag that just had a “Thank you!” sticker on it, all in all it cost me about 2.15$ per bear. Worth it! They made cute decor in the mean time.

I also hand sewed a bear rug for the cake to sit on. It turned out lovely. I just sorta eye-balled it. I didn’t follow any pattern.

I did the same for the high chair sign
Lumberjack Birthday: Bear Rug Decor Lumberjack Birthday: Bear Rug  Decor and High Chair Sign


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