Baby Love (Month 10): Pumpkins

Haiku Summary:
Halloween is fun
Dressed up like an old man
Mom laughed at me.

10monthsI’m 10 months old!

After our family trip / babymoon / anniversary, we didn’t do much in October. But we did participate in Halloween, by dressing up…eating at a Vietnamese restaurant instead of trick of treat… and then throwing a pumpkin carving party with lots of pumpkin-based foods.


I turned baby D into an old man. He was such a good sport, and kept everything on. It just cracked me up.


Our city hosts a “floating pumpkin patch” which consists of pumpkins floating around in their warmed “6 and younger” pool. It was a lot of fun. Baby D found the perfect pumpkin.


Baby D hosted a pumpkin carving party, and kept his pumpkin simple. He just added a pacifier to his, and then gorged out on savory pumpkin fries, smoked pumpkin chili, and savory caramelized pumpkin with a mint cream sauce. Yum!


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