Top Five Gadgets for 0-3 Months

Top Gadgets

Every baby is a little different, some like this, some like that, some hate the world. The biggest question we asked in the 0-3 month range was, “what stops the crying?” seriously.


We bought *a lot* of items trying to answer this question. Not really in desperation, per se, but definitely in confusion at what would work. Let’s just say we had five different places for our son to sleep.

However, it became apparent that of all the gadgets we bought–several were of high importance for those first 3 months. Let me know! What were yours?

If I had to do it all over, here are the ones we would buy again:

1) 40-inch muslin swaddling blankets + The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD

The Happiest Baby on the Block came highly recommended from many people. We bought the DVD while still pregnant, and I half-heartedly attempted to read the book. The DVD looked like magic. We ended up watching it about 12 times after our son was born as getting the proper swaddling technique down is just plain hard! I highly recommend this DVD (the book, not so much).

I now give the DVD with pack of Aden & Anais Swaddling Blankets as a “congrats you’re pregnant!!!” gift.

The swaddling blanket brand  probably doesn’t really matter. However, we ended up buying three packs of this brand in particular. All the other swaddling blankets people gave us were just not quite right. The main qualities that seemed to help these swaddling blankets above the rest were:

  • They are 40-inch by 40-inch
    Standard swaddling blankets are 36 or 38 inches (OR LESS…e.g. Worthless). We STILL use these on our near-9 month old–but, we only swaddle his arms now. I wish I would have packed these in my hospital bag.
  • They are made of muslin
    Muslin itself is inexpensive, and is extremely breathable. Despite being born in December, his clothes + swaddling blanket resulted in him getting overly warm fast.These kept him the perfect temperature, and they were big and light enough to use as a nice impromptu breast feeding cover without making it stuffy.


2) Rock-n-Play Newborn Sleeper

Who invented this? Perfection. We had the Fisher-Price puppy one because it was cute and least expensive of all the designs. We bought over five places for our little guy to sleep in, and this–by far–won them all out. It kept him at an ideal angle, it vibrated, it rocked in a normal direction that I would rock him in if I were holding him (unlike his rocking swing), and it was super portable. Portability meant I could put him in the same room as me at all time, extremely helpful when on maternity leave and attempting to take a shower, or cook, or go into another room. This worked until he started rolling over actively from his back to his stomach. Then it was some sort of torture device meant to restrict his freedom (around 4-5 months).


3) Boppy/Nursing Pillow

The Boppy is a great pillow for many reasons. It is a firm pillow that doesn’t sag (even after 8 months now), which in the 0-3 month zone was ideal when trying to position a newborn for breast feeding. I used it on my lap for him to nap while traveling on a plane. It was our travel pillow for camping as a type of bed-nest. The downfall is that it’s a very firm and high pillow, meaning that you can’t use it as a napping pillow (and the “NO Doromir” scrawled all of the Boppy reiterates that for more please-don’t-sue-us reasons). Leachco “nursing” pillows are very flat, and make a better “pillow” to prop a sleeping babe on…but frankly, not much else.

4) White Noise Machine

Maybe we spent way too much money on our Marpac white noise machine. But… I gotta say, I love it and don’t regret a single penny. In fact, I’m never going to get rid of it. This thing makes a sound-muffling roar that we use every single day religiously on its loudest setting (which isn’t all that loud). We use it for naps if we want him to take a longer one. We use it to signal it’s bedtime, and we use it to drown out the incessant barking of our neighbor’s chihuahua or the rogue door-bell ring. The cellphone apps are good backups, but they are pitifully quiet by comparison. I want another for our room.

5) Touch Lamp

What an odd baby item. We bought this at 2AM on Amazon, yay for 2-day shipping. But waking up at 3AM and being able to fling my hand out wildly to touch the general form of lamp and have it turn on a non-traumatizing stream of light without even leaving the bed…invaluable.

So let me know! What are yours?


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