Best Laid Plans: My Labor Story

baby d

Many women, like me, go into their first labor with an ideal birth vision in mind. I’m sure this may be the case for subsequent birth events as well, but there is nothing quite like the mentally-backed optimism that comes with a first time pregnancy. All knowledge, no experience. My birth vision included a robe, a bathing suit top, no epidural, a tub, a doula, a midwife, and my supportive and equally-birth-educated husband.
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Third Trimester (Week 39): Complete!

Haiku Summary:
The waiting game.
Maternity leave, a
dull way to wait

Week 39 Highlights

  • Maternity Leave begins (38 weeks, 3 days)
  • Completed some baby projects

Common Symptoms/Complaints I (sadly) did have

  • Sleepy, pee-y, and not much else-y
  • Feeling pretty good, aside from cramping when I walk

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Third Trimester (Week 38): Complete!

Haiku Summary:
The end nears
Flood warning issued
Are you joining us?

Week 38 Highlights

  • Lost mucus plug (37 weeks)
    • 1 cm dilated
    • 40% effaced
  • Baby dropped (37 weeks, 1 day)
    • Was a full moon
    • Less heartburn, hooray!
    • Suddenly starving. *nom nom nom*
  • Migraine (37 weeks, 2 days)
  • Group B Strep Test Results: Positive (37 weeks, 3 days)
    • Went to Google
    • First website read:
    • Sobbed hysterically for 30 minutes
    • Went back to Google
    • Realized I over-reacted
  • Heart Palpitations (37 weeks, 6 days)
  • Ate “The Prego Pizza” (38 weeks, 0 days)

prego pizza

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Maternity Classes

My husband has been an ideal partner during pregnancy, caring, involved, and interested. He is like that in all facets of life, so it’s not really surprising. He was the driving force behind our decision to join our prenatal group, and this group has shown plenty of men who make stereotypes of how men behave in pregnancy outdated. At the risk of sounding mushy, I have a bit of a crush on my guy.


We took three classes: (1) preparing for birth naturally seven class series, (2) safe start (infant care) one class, and (3) surviving the first month one class. I give a brief description of each class and then my favorite tip from each class below. Continue reading


Pregnancy Weeks 33-37: Complete!

Haiku Summary:
Dancing immigrant.
Belly bulging against
the tight space

Week 33-37 Highlights

  • Parenting/Birth classes
  • Maternity photos (33 weeks, 2 days)
  • GBS Test (37 weeks)
  • Pelvic Exam and Ultrasound (37 weeks)

Common Symptoms/Complaints I had

  • Tiredness, frequent urination, & braxton hicks (ho hum…)
  • Insomnia  & appetite loss (infrequent)
  • Ate so much my belly button popped out temporarily (hahahahahahaha….)
  • Heart burn (36 weeks, 3 days +)
  • Hips stiff (36 weeks, 4 days +)

Stats (37 weeks)!

  • Mom
    • +27 lbs from starting weight
    • 114/77 blood pressure
    • 1 cm dilated
    • 40% effaced
    • “You have plenty of space!” … rude… 😛
  • Baby
    • 37 cm fundal height
    • 140 bpm heart rate
    • Head down, engaged, but not dropped fully into pelvis
    • New estimated arrival: 1-2 weeks more (between 38-39 weeks gestation)

Currently feeling: hands-free parenting, wooo—aaghh! …was that a foot under my rib?!

Maternity Photo Session

Our maternity photographer was great.

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Packing The Hospital Bag

I lived out of hotels and rental cars for a year and a half for work and I traveled to Ireland for an entire week on a vacation with only my carry-on. The hospital bag did not concern me. This would be a shorter trip of a mere 2 days, and the only thing exiting terminal V would be a single passenger.

At the hospital, meals are cooked for me, there is free WiFi, and a new life experience. Let’s do this…! Continue reading


Pregnancy Weeks 28-32: Complete!

Haiku Summary:
Hooray, a bed!
Painful TDAP shots
Oh, whatta bump!

Week 28-32 Highlights:
  • Glucose Tolerance Test (Gestational Diabetes): Passed! (28 weeks, 0 days)
  • Baby belly finally beat out my enormous pregnancy boobies (28 weeks, 0 days)

balloon-boobs1me, at 1-hour pregnant…

  • TDAP Shot…so incredibly painful. (28 weeks, 6 days)
  • Last blood and pee-in-a-cup session??? (31 weeks)

I’ve been a little surprised at how little I’ve written about my pregnancy. Prior to getting pregnant, I was convinced it would be something I would need to eagerly document. There would be a necessity for me to keep a daily journal. I write for a living, so writing about my personal pregnancy journey would be exciting (and detailed).

I bought The Happiness Project: One Sentence Journal to record my day-to-day, but… well… pregnancy can be just a little bit uneventful. After three days of writing effectively, “I had good day at work, but very sleepy. Cooked chicken curry for dinner.” I began to realize that either 1) I’m a very boring person who needs to reconsider my work-life balance, or 2) pregnancy was not as momentous at the granular day-to-day level.


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