Daniel Tiger made me a better parent


Despite my earlier (pre-baby) insistence that screen time would be non-existent in my household, we’ve watched plenty of the ol’ tube. We don’t have cable or television service, but we do have YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime hooked up to our Roku.

This at least realizes my childhood fantasy that I could have all my favorite show seasons on VHS and show them to my kid per my own schedule without them seeing any of the shows I deemed “stupid” (e.g. ‘The Magic School Bus’ instead of ‘Ren and Stimpy’) or be troubled by pesky commercials. We’re truly living in the golden age. Also, wasn’t I an odd 4th grader? Continue reading


5 Pregnancy Items for the Momma to be!

5 Pregnancy Items for the Momma to be!

A lot of focus during pregnancy goes towards baby items, prepping for birth, and first trimester nausea. Almost all blog posts I’ve read about “essential items” were focused solely on combating the first trimester woe of nausea–however, pregnancy is a long haul and can have many discomforts that extend beyond preggie pops and seabands Continue reading


I Just Stole your Baby’s Identity

You don’t even know me, neither do your parents–true, we’re vaguely connected through a girl I knew junior year in high school–but look at what appeared in my feed, and I now shared on my blog:

exampleInformation blurred for this future-adult’s privacy

You’re beautiful. I hope that when you turn 18 you don’t find out your information has been used for years. It’s just a birth announcement! Those are traditional[ly mailed out to our 458 closest friends]!

Oh little one, I know this first hand.

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