Buyer be Aware: Free Baby Item Coupons

Coupons(feel free to use the promo codes, if you like)

 Whenever anything says “free” I get cautious. But, instead of “Buyer Beware” it’s better that the buyer is Continue reading


Zulily: Review

Zulily is one of many “flash sale” sites; however it caters mostly to baby items and seeing as I am now pregnant–it fell within my shopping radar. Zulily’s adorable baby outfits were too tempting, and so I joined.

I have ordered from other flash sale sites like MyHabit (jewelry, my wedding shoes, and a gift) and TheClymb (a hammock, and some outdoor shirts) with success so I was very comfortable perusing Zulilly with an intent to buy.

If you’re not familiar with flash sale sites, Continue reading


No-Gender Nursery

I’m a planner.

Not the full-blown Type A “Vacation Step 1) Enjoy Rollercoaster at 11:15AM…” kind or the full free-spirited Type B “We’ll see if we can get tickets after we arrive at the concert…” kind of person. I’m somewhere in the middle. For any life event I know I’ll locking lips with Excel and that I have probably pinned half of whatever the event is before it even became a realistic future event.

880de916fbf5c0c8465f3532b4fa7ddf 10,000 pins and counting…

Our wedding? Flawlessly documented, financially on spot, and with enough lee-way to not kill my husband when he informed me he left his tux in another state the night before our wedding. See? Documented flexibility.

timthumbCake helps many life situations

It came to no surprise (to me, anyways) that I would handle pregnancy the same way as I do other life events. Continue reading


DIY Baby Bath Apron!

Here is my DIY towel apron version! (Ok, admittedly not a great photo, and no chubby baby–yet)


This apron is a long towel apron which allows you to always have a towel handy to both keep you dry and to dry off the baby. I made one for my sister, but seeing as I’m also going to be having a baby… I made one for me too. Continue reading