Toddler DIY: Washable Art Wall

DIY Toddler Art Wall for Under 30$!

We first saw this idea at the Sacramento Children’s Museum. It was a giant plexiglass wall setting on concrete and you could just paint allll over it and then they would come by and wash it off. Baby D loved it! I loved it too. So I set out to make my own.

I looked around for existing ideas, but all of them were made using wood. I didn’t want wood, because I didn’t want it to start rotting after getting wet from washing or because I was planning on storing it outside.

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Fitted Crib Sheets (DIY)

DIY Fitted Crib Sheet

Fitted sheets with beautiful fabric can run upwards of 40+ dollars PER sheet. However, buying your own fabric (even at a steep 20$ a yard) you can likely get many of your themes elements included in making your own custom fitted sheets and get exactly what you like for less. Continue reading


Thanks a Latte cards! (DIY + Free Template)

Thank You Cards! (DIY + Free Template)

Your birthing team helps you through one of the most intense moments in your life. A moment so impactful that studies have shown the birth of one’s child (and the death of one’s parents) are the last memories to leave an alzheimer patient’s memory. Continue reading


Diwali DIY: How to make a Kolam (Rangoli) design

Kolam / Rangoli DIY Tutorial!

Yesterday was Diwali (Deepavali), the festival of lights. It’s a holiday that symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, hope over despair. One of my favorite Diwali activities is to make a Kolam (or Rangoli) design with dyed rice.

Kolam / Rangoli DIY Tutorial!

Kolam (Rangoli) I made this year, 2014

Kolam designs can be made with dyed rice (as I do), flower petals, or colored sand (similar to mandalas). They seem complex, but are really a simple and fun craft to make, and would be a good craft for kids as well (with a simpler pattern such as a flower). This tutorial will teach you how to make your own!

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Diwali Card and Gift Labels – Free Printable and Template!

Diwali Greeting Cards and Labels – Free Printable and Template!

It’s a real pain to find Diwali Greeting Cards in the U.S. (though they do exist). We have a number of families who I want on my “Christmas Card List,” but celebrate Diwali instead of Christmas. So, the only thing left to do was create my own cards! I also created labels to tie onto the ladoo sweets I’m making to give to co-workers. I wanted to share these cards and labels (for personal use only) in case others would like to use them. Continue reading


Baby Shower Favor (DIY + Free Template)


My friend is throwing me an amazing baby shower at the end of the month. It’s being held at a riverfront carousal in my home state. Amazing, right? BUT I’m not allowed to know or do anything… *sigh* but she is letting me work on the party favors. My friend knows me all too well… this task should kept my pregnant fingers preoccupied. Continue reading


DIY + Free Template! Housewarming Invites


I am a professional technical writer and it seems a good use of my skills to create my own paper crafts. Paper crafts are easy to do and require mostly access to a printer–well, maybe some basic Word and image manipulation skills too (I recommend GIMP). I chose to print at FedEx as I don’t want to shove card stock through a poor domestic printer, both risking its life and my sanity. The cost is minimal (especially if you ask an associate to print for you, with your own cardstock).

What you’ll need:

  • Invitation Template* (Free! Two invites per page)
  • Cardstock (~$2.99 for 50 sheets at JoAnns)
  • Printing costs (Variable, 60 cents a page at Fedex if you use your own cardstock–30 cents per invite!)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • (Optional) Bead as a “door knob” on the door (use elmer’s glue or another type of liquid/hot glue)

How to…

  1. Print out invitation and cut out the shape
  2. Cut around one side of the door and the top.
  3. Bend the paper around the door to make a “door hinge”
  4. Cut the invite information, giving added space around the text to ensure there enough extra for gluing to the back of the card.
  5. Apply glue to the back of the house around the door, align the text within the “door” opening, and press on the invite information
  6. (Optional) Apply glue and stick on a bead for the doorknob
  7. When the glue dries, you’re done!

I handed mine out in person, so costs of envelopes and stamps may be additional for you. Happy housewarming!

*The invitation template is for personal use only, and is not intended for sale.


Gender Reveal Scratch-Off Cards!

photo 2 (1)Boy and Girl scratch off options.

I love easy crafts. LOVE them. I was bent on doing a scratch off cards for a gender reveal. So I used my limited GIMP skills and semi-cool Word saavy-ness to create Gender Reveal cards for a girl and for a boy.  I did both genders because I’m sorta not finding out the gender until August 9th…. which is three Saturdays away… But… I could not contain myself.

Items and Cost Breakdown

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DIY Baby Bath Apron!

Here is my DIY towel apron version! (Ok, admittedly not a great photo, and no chubby baby–yet)


This apron is a long towel apron which allows you to always have a towel handy to both keep you dry and to dry off the baby. I made one for my sister, but seeing as I’m also going to be having a baby… I made one for me too. Continue reading


Pregnancy Announcement (Facebook Official!)

I didn’t really realize how many segments I could chop my life into if I really wanted to… but announcing our pregnancy ended up with three groups: co-workers, close family and friends, and then “the rest”–aka my old friends, acquaintances,  distant family, former classmates and colleagues who remain connected with me or my husband through Facebook .

Here is my husband’s Facebook Profile picture:


The sign was easy to make Continue reading