Cost Breakdown: 12 – 18 months

The average cost to raise a child to 18 is $245,340, according to the USDA. An average of 40$ per day. Woof! I thought I would post my own, just in case someone wanted to see “real deal” figures. Click Here to use the USDA’s calculator. We live in the “West Urban” region (California, specifically). We do not live in the Bay or Los Angeles.

I detail how the USDA breaks down that house-sized figure in my first post.

I got some serious sticker shock after totaling our full cost for the first year. After 6 months into Year 2 (12-18 months old) I wanted to break down the costs again.

Grand Total 12-18 months: $13,150.59*

* Sans childcare the total is $4,338.59, and sans healthcare it is $2,908.59 (if your family was previously on a “family” medical plan)

Here is our personal breakdown, using the same breakdown as the USDA.

Housing expenses: $300.00

Honestly, our costs pre-baby and post-baby have been the same in this department. For the sake of cost, I’d say that maybe our water/electric is slightly higher because…dear God… the laundry–so maybe 50$ per month or 600$ for the year. However, I don’t stay home all day, so we’re not running our electric day in and out.

Furnishings: Haven’t bought any extra furniture for our son this year so far.

Food:  $745.10

We’re still buying formula, but the toddler formula as a type of vitamin supplement. We use 5 containers a month at 16.77$ each, this has totaled $503.10, and we buy about 1 gallon of organic whole milk per week at 7$ a gallon. 26 weeks so far in the year, totaling 182$.

For regular food, we just give him some our our food. I don’t actually buy him specialty food/meals, and he doesn’t eat enough yet to warrant me buying “extra” for him. I’ll say I spend about 10$ per month on snacks for him. 60$

Transportation: $61.32 (0.4%)

I drive an added 4 miles per day due to my son. 1 mile to his school, then 1 mile to my work, then 1 mile to his school, then 1 mile to my work, 5 days per week = 20 miles per week +4 miles for every doctors appointment, which totaled 8 appointments in his first year = 1,072 extra miles per year. My car averages 25 miles to the gallon for in-town driving which would approximately be 42 gallons of gas per year, gas prices have averaged 2.92$ this year so far this totals $61.32.

Clothing $254.56

We got a lot of clothes at his birthday this year, it’s what I asked for instead of toys. I have bought almost exclusively from the Children’s place actually, $170.56. I’ve bought a few specialty outfits from Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby (swim outfits, special occasion) and this was $84.00.

Health care $1,430.00

He hasn’t been sick during this calendar year yet, yay! Just wellness checkups, which are fully covered. *I* however have been terribly sick.

I spend an extra $110 per pay period for the “family” medical plan vs my former “single” plan, which is $1,430 so far.

Child care and education expenses: $8,812.00

I mentioned in the previous post, we pay $8.60/hour, for 40 hours of care per week. This is 337$ per week. 26 weeks into the year so far–and 50$ for their “summer series” which is like toddler concerts and petting zoos for 3 months.

Miscellaneous expenses: $1,547.61

No swim lessons this year so far… The misc expenses: admission (zoo, etc), toys, books, OTC meds, hygiene, diapers, etc. has totaled about $1,467.61. This includes our building projects to make him a sand table, getting him a passport, etc.

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