Third Trimester (Week 39): Complete!

Haiku Summary:
The waiting game.
Maternity leave, a
dull way to wait

Week 39 Highlights

  • Maternity Leave begins (38 weeks, 3 days)
  • Completed some baby projects

Common Symptoms/Complaints I (sadly) did have

  • Sleepy, pee-y, and not much else-y
  • Feeling pretty good, aside from cramping when I walk

Labor Inducing Techniques

Since 38 weeks, 1 day I decided to enact all of the labor-inducing techniques I gathered through all the prenatal groups, prenatal classes, and repeatedly found online as “working.” Eating dates, walking, red raspberry leaf tea, increasing my natural oxytocin levels (e.g. sexy time), cinnamon, walking repeatedly up and down my stairs, high-fiber foods, etc etc etc etc etc. I’ve been very dedicated and have a nice little routine down.

So far, the 2.2 mile trek we take to our local Safeway and back has been the most-successful in at least producing some glorious cramps and, around 1.5 miles, the contractions begin. However, they also end as soon as I walk sweatily back into the house and relax on the couch. False labor.

As this is now 39 weeks and 2 days… I can safely say none of these techniques will be credited with starting my labor–but I think I’ll keep them up just to pre-occupy myself and so I can feel like I have some choice in the matter.


Bah Humbug! I don’t want a Christmas baby!!!

Though, I definitely want a 2014 baby…so I’ll take what I can get I suppose. Baby D come to me!!!



When (2 weeks and 3 days ago) my midwife said “1-2 weeks” more until she thought I might be giving birth, I felt pretty good about starting my maternity leave at the hospitals suggestion of Dec 15. We live in CA which gives +4 weeks of paid leave compared to most of the country–and being pregnant is a sufficient medical reason to start it; however, I didn’t appreciate how stir crazy I’d become, suspended between waiting for my biggest, impending life project and not wanting to start any long-standing projects that I would need to leave incomplete.

The, “you are 1 cm dilated, and 40% effaced” stated at my 37 week exam, I now realize translates to, “I guess I should make some conversation after sticking my fingers there.”

So, I crafted…

A bone-shaped stocking for my spoiled puppy Ambu–


A rice warming pad for baby D, as recommended as a calming tool during our prenatal classes–


Completed the long-standing project of finishing the elephant mobile (pardon the bad photos) to hang above the crib–


And now……………….. I have nothing left to do………. but wait.

I think I’ll go for a walk…


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