Third Trimester (Week 38): Complete!

Haiku Summary:
The end nears
Flood warning issued
Are you joining us?

Week 38 Highlights

  • Lost mucus plug (37 weeks)
    • 1 cm dilated
    • 40% effaced
  • Baby dropped (37 weeks, 1 day)
    • Was a full moon
    • Less heartburn, hooray!
    • Suddenly starving. *nom nom nom*
  • Migraine (37 weeks, 2 days)
  • Group B Strep Test Results: Positive (37 weeks, 3 days)
    • Went to Google
    • First website read:
    • Sobbed hysterically for 30 minutes
    • Went back to Google
    • Realized I over-reacted
  • Heart Palpitations (37 weeks, 6 days)
  • Ate “The Prego Pizza” (38 weeks, 0 days)

prego pizza


I hadn’t researched the GBS test AT ALL—completely abnormal for me. I kept thinking “Group B” was “Hep B,” and I was confident about a negative result because of my Hep B vaccinations.

Needless to say, when I initially read I was positive I broke out in a hot sweat. My vaccines…failed?!?!?! When I panic-Googled Group B strep, the first webpage I read stated in bold italics that GBS either makes an infant very sick or dead…which made me completely hysterical. I get to blame this on my hormones still, right? May that website rot in the search result hell, never to be found again. I banish you to Page 2 results.

After I realized my mistake (and that there is no “vaccine” for GBS, and that it isn’t an STD) I also discovered that GBS is partly the culprit behind urinary tract infections. It is a naturally occurring bacteria in the intestinal system and is considered a normal part of the adult intestinal micro-biome. In one pregnancy you might test positive, and another you can test negative—so hospitals always test. Two rounds of antibiotic treatments prior to pushing and the odds are less than 0.1% of passing early onset GBS to your baby (via their eyes, apparently).

I found a diet (that I immediately went out and purchased)  to increase the “good” bacteria in my system, to off-center the “bad” GBS bacteria. Sure I was getting the antibiotics…but, why not really squish it? The diet consists of more probiotics, Vit C, and garlic. At least this turn of events was no longer dire.

My midwife pushed off the GBS positive results as “meh” and said the only change it made to my birth vision was that I now would have a waterproof IV in my hand to administer the antibiotics. GBS was not stopping my tub birth, and not killing baby D. Hooray!

Excuse me while I enjoy a Kevita and an egg cooked in so much garlic an Italian-Indian would faint.


Common Symptoms/Complaints I (sadly) did have

  • “Clicking” noises coming from top of my stomach when he moves. Apparently it’s common, but the cause it unknown
  • Frequent urination (ho hum)
  • Hip pain while sleeping 😦 *toss turn*
  • Heartburn (infrequent)

Had to explicitly ask my sister not to refer to my child as, “her brown nephew.” When you catch an adjective, kill it…


Oh… it dropped all right.

Front bump


 Side bump
How low can you go???



Baby Wishlist

We think it’s fun to day dream about what baby D might look like. We hope baby D gets…

From Appa (dad):

Vision …how does he still have 20/20 vision???
Bum …it really would be a service to humanity to pass those genes on
Lung capacity …all sorts of endurance
Personality trait: easy going

From Mom:

Feet …my arches give Dr. Scholls the shivers
Legs …all sorts of endurance
Hair color
Personality trait: patience

From either:

Grandfathers’ thick luscious hair …seriously..what is the deal with our hair? No. volume.
Teeth …we both have awesome teeth, no cavities, no braces

Inevitable traits

Body hair ... poor kid. Indian, Italian… so much body hair. He’ll be mistaken for an Armenian bear cub

459a3ebb3ca94e5da5b716f60db49042eb54c707“Let me introduce my child”

Brown eyes ...I am holding out a small hope for blue, but I think I have higher odds of being eaten by a shark in Wyoming
Love of nature …ok, this will be a “nurtured” trait… but no less inevitable.


Personality Trait: Social ...we’re both kind of introverts
Experience: Worldliness …we’re both well-traveled, but would be nice for baby D to have a more global understanding of the world—talking in stereotypes is a tale-tell sign you have little understanding
Passion: Entrepreneurial Spirit …we’re both pretty content with being good employees for a company, yet complain about just climbing a corporate ladder and succumbing to the rat race. Maybe baby D will be more aggressive than us


4 thoughts on “Third Trimester (Week 38): Complete!

  1. 1st pregnancy was a girl and tested positive for gestational diabetes but negative for group b strep. She came at 38 weeks thanks to cinnamon, which contracts the uterus and can cause miscarriage thanks to my mom putting it in her meat sauce. 2nd pregnancy was a boy and he almost came early and I tested positive for group b strep that time. He came 3 days shy of 40 weeks. Both are healthy as can be, although my son can afford to put on some pounds. I’m sure he will be perfectly fine. 🙂

    • Good information! Sometimes it’s hard not to get wrapped up in all the tests and results 🙂 I’ll have to make myself some oatmeal cookies with extra cinnamon if baby D decides to stay for 39 weeks 😉

      • He might come before that. You’ll just have to see. 🙂 I just would try everything else before turning to spices and herbs. Also, a friend of mine tried red raspberry leaf tea to induce her labor and within hours she was in the throws of it and delivered naturally. I always try to go as farthest as I can go to try to reach the due date and now I have two young children with the same birthday just two years apart!

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