Thanks a Latte cards! (DIY + Free Template)

Thank You Cards! (DIY + Free Template)

Your birthing team helps you through one of the most intense moments in your life. A moment so impactful that studies have shown the birth of one’s child (and the death of one’s parents) are the last memories to leave an alzheimer patient’s memory.

I was reading around on some mom blogs, looking for items I might want to include in my hospital bag and a blog (which I’ve sadly forgotten the name of) sparked the idea to bring a small “thank you” item for your birthing team. This particular mom brought a scented hand sanitizer with a tag reading, “thanks for the helping hands.”

I was inspired.

Our birthing team would be small, consisting of one midwife (on a 24-hour shift), one doula, and my husband. Very small. If our son’s birth happened to overlap a shift change, I might end up with another midwife-doula team… the rhetoric of both these groups has been that a first time birth experience under 24-hours is considered quick, and that they frequently stay past their shift change when the end of a birth is in sight.

Of all the people who pass in and out of one’s life, I feel it would be an opportunity missed to not give a small token to let these ladies know you appreciate their dedication.


  • Thanks a Latte -Template
    (Free download! For personal use only – Word Document)
  • Cardstock (~$2.99 for 50 sheets at JoAnns)
  • Printing costs (Variable, ~60 cents a page at Fedex–30 cents per card!)
  • Paper Cutter (free at FedEx)
  • Glue (I used a hot glue gun)
  • Gift Cards (Starbucks, $5+)
  • Coffee Sleeves (free)

I picked Starbucks because there is one right next to the hospital, and one of the nurses who gave our birth center tour mentioned it was a favorite location of the birthing staff. What coffee house you choose is up to you, if there is a favorite nearby that isn’t Starbucks, the card won’t know the difference! 🙂


  • Buy your gift cards and coffee sleeves
  • Print the Template! I tend to print an extra page in case I go cut-crazy (which I did…whoops)
  • Cut the the template out! (Free at FedEx)

Thank You Cards! (DIY + Free Template)

  • Gather your items

Thank You Cards! (DIY + Free Template)

  • Glue the bottoms of all the coffee sleeves closed
  • Allow to dry
  • Apply glue to the back of the  coffee sleeves

Thank You Cards! (DIY + Free Template)

  • Place on the card
  • Allow to dry
  • Insert gift card
  • DONE! 🙂

Consider indicating the dollar($) amount of the gift card somewhere on the card or coffee sleeve.

Thank You Cards! (DIY + Free Template)


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