Pregnancy Weeks 28-32: Complete!

Haiku Summary:
Hooray, a bed!
Painful TDAP shots
Oh, whatta bump!

Week 28-32 Highlights:
  • Glucose Tolerance Test (Gestational Diabetes): Passed! (28 weeks, 0 days)
  • Baby belly finally beat out my enormous pregnancy boobies (28 weeks, 0 days)

balloon-boobs1me, at 1-hour pregnant…

  • TDAP Shot…so incredibly painful. (28 weeks, 6 days)
  • Last blood and pee-in-a-cup session??? (31 weeks)

I’ve been a little surprised at how little I’ve written about my pregnancy. Prior to getting pregnant, I was convinced it would be something I would need to eagerly document. There would be a necessity for me to keep a daily journal. I write for a living, so writing about my personal pregnancy journey would be exciting (and detailed).

I bought The Happiness Project: One Sentence Journal to record my day-to-day, but… well… pregnancy can be just a little bit uneventful. After three days of writing effectively, “I had good day at work, but very sleepy. Cooked chicken curry for dinner.” I began to realize that either 1) I’m a very boring person who needs to reconsider my work-life balance, or 2) pregnancy was not as momentous at the granular day-to-day level.


Probably, a little of both.

Common Symptoms/Complaints I (sadly) did have
  • Feeling really full, really easily
    I wake up hungry at 3AM because I can’t get enough to eat at dinner
  • Shortness of breath when climbing stairs
    My nose has been basically plugged the entire pregnancy, so this was inevitable
  • Starting to feel sleepy again
  • Frequent Urination… ho hum
  • My pelvic floor will feel a little “over worked” in a tired muscle sort of way if I stand too long or walk too much
Birthing Center Tour

I highly encourage doing a birth center tour. First and foremost it lets you know that the birth center lobby doors, silent and far away from the actual birth center, are locked at 9PM. I was sufficiently scared by the OBs tale of a woman coming to the lobby at 3AM, having no idea where to go, and gave birth in front of the lobby. Not exactly how I pictured things panning out. Though, it did make me hopeful that an epidural-free birth on concrete was totally doable.

Birthing Center

The birthing room’s bed option

Seeing the birthing room was a bit of a reality check. I’m going to be physically in a similar (or exact) room, doing it… and because “sex” isn’t exactly the “it” I’m referring to, you can imagine my flutter of anxiety.

I’m traveling a considerable distance to go to my hospital. Not because I live out in the woods, or anything so special. In fact, I have a branch of this same hospital less than 5 miles from my house. However, I wanted things like eating food, low epidural rates, low c-section rates, birthing pools, midwives, doulas, etc etc, and so…we travel.

I didn’t 100% appreciate what a nice hospital we had chosen until I did a birth center tour. The tour group had FOUR, second-time moms, who opted to transfer from that same nearby branch to travel the 40 miles down California interstate. They would suddenly exclaim, while holding their near-complete bellies, “Oh! they don’t do this at the other hospital!!” and quickly formed a silent clique, giving each other satisfied nods whenever the OB would mention some feature that the other branch presumably lacked.

I was feeling reassured by this impressive display of compare and contrast–but, a little concerned. My own prenatal group was much, much smaller than this tour group. My competition to secure one of the few birthing tub rooms just went up. Stay out of my tub, ladies! *clings to the blue plastic* I’m not a transfer! I did the research initially! *sniffles*

The hospital reassured the group (me, twice) that they would do everything in their power to get us into a tub room… man… the whole reason I came to this hospital.

The birthing room's tub option. Some rooms have showers instead of tubs.

The birthing room’s tub option. Some rooms have showers instead of tubs. This one isn’t prepped for delivery.

I’ll be honest. After watching many water birth videos, I had the ideal hospital birthing tub pictured in mind when I started the tour. And this was not it. I was a little disappointed that my birthing centers tub seemed to have no easy way in and out, and that it seemed so tiny. Not very impressive. I don’t even know how it looks prepped, nor how the heck to get in. That edge goes up to my pubic bone… and, while I’m not exactly *aware* of what goes on during someone’s birth day, I’m willing to bet their mom didn’t want to straddle the edge of a pool in the process.

This birth center has thought of everything else, I guess, so I’ll only know when I get there. I’m pretty dedicated to the idea of utilizing a birthing tub. The rooms without the tubs have showers and all of the room have birthing balls and all sorts of other peaceful-birth gadgets that I will have to Google later. So I will go with the flow, even if the flow isn’t a tub.

If nothing else, there was only ONE birthing room available at the time we took the tour and it was the tub room. Additionally, it was peaceful in all areas of the birthing center. The lights were dimmed, the operating room was sterile and silent. The overall mood was calm.

Counting Kicks

A part of me is unsure if I even remember what life was like when I didn’t have a small human rolling around inside of me. I’ve been feeling his movements for the past 80 days! I relish tossing a glass of ice water down my throat to make him kick around. Sorry, son. Haha!

I’ve overheated my phone more than once trying to get get the perfect video of baby D making my stomach move around and his little stretches will be one of the things I will miss the most about being pregnant (yes, there are things you will miss!!!). I do want to see baby D eventually, true. But I will be a little sad when he rockets his way out of the the nest (so to speak) and I lose the comforting (though sometimes uncomfortable) little kicks and twirls.


I didn’t really take “bumpies” during the pregnancy, but I did start taking them at week 28 as that is when baby D finally beat out mah boobies (prior to that I just looked questionably chubby). The third trimester is where the growin’ gets serious anyways, so I figured now is the time start to document it! These are all in baby D’s room.

Week 28
Week 29
Bump Week 29
Week 30
Week 31
Week 32
Bonus Bump: Halloween (32 weeks)

ovenOvens are very slimming.

The Baby

Oh riiiiight….the babyyy!!! I have no idea how he’s doing. He is pretty active, so he is good I suspect. He’s been a pretty easy, predictable haul so far. I will miss the hands-free parenting that pregnancy provides. If I could teach him to read, talk, and walk in vitro (and if his size or strength wouldn’t eventually make me explode) I would be pregnant a little longer. If he’s bawling his head off right now, I am completely oblivious and 3 AM is still my bathroom hour.


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