Wishes for the Baby


“Wishes for Baby” is a pretty standard baby shower game, and was one of the games at the shower my friend hosted for us! I wanted to record them here so I could get a nice chuckle over them when I read them later after I’ve lost the papers.

(The first two of each are from me or my husband)

Common Wishes:

To learn Tamil, to travel, to enjoy the outdoors, and to create happiness.

I hope you learn

  • Tamil
  • To respect diversity
  • A lot! You’re going to be a smartie! 🙂
  • To dance
  • Proper camping skills
  • Love
  • That Mommy & Daddy will always be there!
  • How to sleep through the entire night
  • Everything true
  • To play disc golf
  • New things everyday
  • Perfection
  • Tamil
  • Respect for human beings
  • Grace
  • To get up, brush it off, and try again. Never give up.
  • To play music
  • To have fun

I hope you get

  • Sleep
  • To travel the world
  • To achieve your dreams
  • To play with your cousin Ari
  • Educated
  • Love
  • An amazing upbringing
  • Love unconditionally
  • Love everyday
  • Tons of toys
  • Whatever you want
  • What if good for you
  • Lots of love
  • A beautiful girlfriend
  • Mercy
  • Everything you work hard for. You can achieve greatness!
  • To be a star someday
  • To explore

I hope you love

  • Family
  • Life
  • Unconditionally
  • Your mama and papa
  • Travel
  • Everyone
  • Both your parents always
  • Your mother and father unconditionally
  • The world & everyone
  • The legend of Zelda
  • Dogs
  • Your family
  • Travel & hiking
  • Everyone
  • Life
  • With all your heart and soul!
  • Sports
  • To read

I hope you can

  • Eat well
  • Survive in the wild
  • Always respect others
  • Sleep all night long
  • Remember your roots
  • Dream
  • Visit India, a lot
  • Explore what the world has to offer
  • See the good in the bad
  • Appreciate my crazy sense of humor
  • Manage things very well
  • Enjoy every experience
  • Climb Mount Everest
  • Do anything that you want
  • Dream
  • Accept that sometimes you are wrong, and your parents are right.
  • Talk in Tamil with your grandparents
  • Dance

I hope you find

  • Your toys
  • Your true calling
  • Someone to share your life with
  • Your toes
  • Friends wherever you go
  • Peace
  • Dreams are endless
  • A cure for cancer (dream big!)
  • Happiness & success
  • Whatever you’re looking for
  • Your girlfriend
  • What you aim [for]
  • A beautiful girlfriend
  • Your goals
  • Peace
  • Out that  your parents are right!
  • Happiness in life all the time
  • Happiness

I hope you laugh about

  • Nothing
  • Your faults
  • Childhood memories
  • Dirty diapers
  • Good, questionable (but, good) times
  • Yourself
  • Everything, in life
  • Farts
  • Most things
  • Wearing diapers
  • Hearing your childhood experiences
  • Childhood experience
  • Everything
  • Your mistake
  • The little things you can’t control.
  • Funny stuff & silly things
  • Everything

I hope you enjoy

  • Others
  • A wide and varied cuisine
  • Time with your family
  • Clean diapers
  • Debauchery
  • Life
  • Life, always
  • Every aspect of life (the good and the bad)
  • Being one lucky baby
  • Sweets (you’ll get most from me….shhhh!)
  • Being with your parents
  • Every moment
  • To play football
  • Every moment
  • Learning
  • One on one time with both your parents!
  • All things
  • The outdoors

I hope you create

  • Toys
  • A fortune — and treat your parents well!!!
  • Your own beautiful family!
  • A wonderful life
  • Happiness
  • Joy
  • Magic, your whole life
  • A life full of memories
  • Love for your family
  • The next best thing
  • Fun in parent’s life
  • A happy family
  • Time travel machine
  • Happiness for everyone
  • Joy
  • Wonderful memories for your mom and dad!
  • Sweet memories in everyone’s life
  • A fort.

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