Buyer be Aware: Free Baby Item Coupons

Coupons(feel free to use the promo codes, if you like)

 Whenever anything says “free” I get cautious. But, instead of “Buyer Beware” it’s better that the buyer is just aware of what these “gift cards” actually mean. I received them as a very thoughtful addition to a baby shower gift. How nice! The coupons are “gift cards” for a free car seat canopy (50$), a baby carrier sling (40$), a nursing pillow (40$), and a nursing cover (35$). WOW!

I initially used Google to try to find out if this was a scam, but it seemed like the biggest threat was that the shipping takes a really long time, and that you had to pay the shipping costs (the coupon states as much). The other major complaint was that they might not ship your actual item for some time, so there can be a considerable delay if there is an order backlog. But hey, it’s free. I decided it was worth checking out.

The actual cost

The cost of these items is for the shipping, and each website looks and functions the same with the same shipping cost of 14.99$ for 4-9 work days; however, the default choice is the Preferred 16.99$ shipping option with 3-5 work days (e.g. standard shipping time from Amazon).


I was able to apply the code successfully, and the cost was removed. Since I was able to get that far, I decided it was time to price shop.

The reality

As their shipping costs seemed exorbitant compared to Amazon–I decided to stop there first and simply look for the identical item. Amazon did not disappoint.


For less than the cost of standard shipping, without needing a code, or trusting a new website with spotty shipping reviews–you can snag your Udder Cover for 16.15$ with free two-day shipping (with Prime) from Amazon (and sometimes less). That may be an entire 1.16$ extra from the 14.99$ option, but it is 7 days in shipping savings. The reviews for this items were good, with some complaints about the material used. I was feeling motivated.

The car seat canopy also had great reviews with 4.5 stars, though was 20$ with Prime (2-day) Shipping. But, considering 2-day shipping through the website is 34.99$, that still sounded like a good deal to me through Amazon.

I then searched for the Seven Everyday Slings. I found them, but their review was an appalling 2 stars from 77 reviewers! The complaints were mostly about the poor quality of the sling itself and the material feeling low quality. 2 stars is an untouchable product to me.


This repeated for the Nursing Pillow, with a 1-star rating. What! The major complaint was that the pillow was too soft (squishy) and didn’t provide good support, also that it was too small to be useful.

Final Thoughts

I’m glad I looked around. I don’t think I would use the coupons, and if I really wanted a canopy or a nursing cover I think I would buy from Amazon. I was thinking about crafting my own nursing cover anyways with leftover fabric (as it looks mostly like a glorified apron anyways). Babies R Us (Toys R Us) even has one for 14.99$ in their stores.

Thoughtful idea, but not worth it!


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