Second Trimester: Complete!

Haiku Summary:
It’s a BUMP!
Nerve pinch, stiff joints
Kickity kick

Second Trimester Highlights
  • “Quickening” (e.g. Baby flutters) July 18th (16 weeks, 0 days). I had been suspecting it for a few days at this point, but this was when I definitely knew what I was feeling was baby movements
  • Stomach visibly moved due to baby kicks Sept 9th (24 weeks, 5 days) during a meeting
  • Larger Stomach Sept 7th (24 weeks, 3 days) I noticed my belly button beginning to stretch outward
  • Gender! Aug 9th (20 weeks, 1 day) We’re having a boy!
  • August 20th (21 weeks, 5 days) My husband and I were sitting eating breakfast, both of us staring at the mesh baby gate laying against the wall. “I don’t think that is going to fit in the new place,” I say. “What isn’t going to fit?” I point to it, “The baby gate.” There is a moment of silence. “Oh… I thought it was a baby stretcher. I wasn’t sure how we were going to keep the baby on it.” what? o_o
  • Valaikappu and First Wedding Anniversary Sept 14th (25 weeks, 2 days) Indian baby shower, bangle ceremony
  • Gestational diabetes test Sept 23rd (26 weeks, 4 days) … yuck.
  • Baby Shower Sept 27th (27 weeks, 1 day) a good way to begin my third trimester.
Common Symptoms/Complaints I (sadly) did have
  • Vivid dreams they can be SO detailed, but just as weird. I remember them really well after waking too. In one, I killed an intruder with fake bullets because my husband didn’t buy real bullets. I remember being pretty upset at my husband’s decision to purchase the fake ones, because Amazon was selling the real ones (and with Prime shipping)! I was having this as a mental thought in the dream, while I was killing the dude. No, I didn’t use the gun in the dream, I killed the intruder with the fake bullets. Just threw them really hard and he died, because that’s how it works.
  • Sinus Pressure and allergies too… *achoo*
  • Sneezing “problems” … don’t get me started …
  • Braxxton Hicks my uterus would suddenly tighten and I would have to slow my pace a bit if I was walking–but it hasn’t hurt so far
  • Constipation not common… thank you magnesium (250mg y’all)
  • Tendinitis infrequent… elbows… why must I use you so much? (If my husband bought real bullets, I wouldn’t have to throw so hard…)
  • Heartburn infrequent…
  • Back Pain minimal… I credit my pillow
  • Sciatic Nerve Pinch e.g. a pinched nerve causing crazy painful left butt cheek.
  • Charley horse never point your toes! Agghh!

Craving Alert? None…

It’s the question I get asked the most, “What are you craving?” When I reply, “Nothing, really” there is palpable disappointment followed by an awkward silence. I’ve been considering just lying.

I’ll be honest. I have no idea what a pregnancy craving is supposed to be like. I needed sweets prior to the start of my menstrual cycle–and I mean, “get out of my way old lady, that is the last peanut butter cookie in Safeway” *shove* NEED. I thought pregnancy cravings would be something like that, except so intense or strange that my husband would need to locate a brownie with dijon mustard for me at 3AM.

Yet here I am… with nothin’ *SIGH* Not even PMS-quality cravings! No fair.

2247746918_b5be68c0b4Blessing in disguise? Who knows…

Pre-pregnancy, I loved to muse, “what will my cravings be?” as I pinned images of cute pregnant ladies standing next to their chalk boards declaring that “Mango!” or “impressively healthy food” was their craving that week. A new craving every week? How neat!

My first trimester subsisted of the blandest carbs available to man, eaten slowly, 7-8 times a day. I wanted the cravings! Is there anyone else who has NOT had cravings? We haven’t even talked about them in our prenatal group. I’m beginning to think this some sort of pregnancy myth as an excuse to just eat cake…or dirt.

Unsolicited “Advice,” Pregnancy “Facts,” and General Blunt Commentary

Let’s just summarize it this way: I have now Googled, “can taking prenatal vitamins prior to pregnancy harm my baby?”

175891-b9c5e3de-7d6f-11e3-aa70-9a80df579e56Sorry Google…she was so insistent and angry at me over it…

Some people simply make passing comments that my pregnancy reminds me of, some people even give decent unsolicited advice, “I loved cocoa butter lotion while I pregnant, it really helped my skin.” or “I would add some cumin seeds to hot water for relief of gas pain.” But…

“Why are you wearing heels?! That hurts the baby!!!” – Random coworker shouted @ 12 weeks pregnant. Shut yo’ mouth while I calmly educate you in public. You picked the forum, not me.

“You went hiking while pregnant?! I would never do that.” Thanks, and how was your weekend? I’m glad you have your future pregnancy planned out. Your thoughtful opinion will definitely influence the next time I go for a short hike.

sedan_chair_menMush, boys! We’ve got a waterfall to take a picture of.

Do you argue with every single person so rude well-meaning as to suggest you either know nothing or would willfully harm your own unborn child? Just [mentally] shove a dirty sock in their mouth. Most people giving their opinion on how pregnancy is or must be are either coming from 30-year-old, pre-Google, wives tales half-remembered from the time they were pregnant–or, they have never been pregnant, ever. Of course, this crowd is the most enthusiastic about giving you their thoughts… in public, bluntly, and loudly. Please, let me remember this lesson 30 years from now… I don’t want to be these people.

However, every single lady who has had a baby within the last year or two has been the greatest help. Magnesium supplements to alleviate pregnancy symptoms? Just Google it. Ask your midwife. Glorious.

One last one for the road: “Hey guurrrrrrrllllllll. Some belly you got!!!” – random creepy guy who cackled at me while driving slowly by me in a Safeway parking lot. Well, that made me feel super unsafe in public. Please go jump off a bridge.

The Baby

Oh right, the babyyyy. He’s doing good. He was considered healthy and normal in his 20 week checkup. I drank OJ about 2 hours prior to the checkup so he was sufficiently moving around. He was moving just a touch too much, because the technician had some issue getting shots of one side of his heart but did eventually get them all and we didn’t have to come back in.

Uterus measurements taken at our prenatal appointments are textbook in terms of “expected” growth, so that’s nice. This is the last ultrasound I’ll get until seeing the real-deal at birth. I am a little bummed. Would be neat to maybe get another profile shot around 35 weeks. But, that’s obviously not “needed”–I just like seeing him move around on the screen. Oh well! Here he is:



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