Baby Shower Favor (DIY + Free Template)


My friend is throwing me an amazing baby shower at the end of the month. It’s being held at a riverfront carousal in my home state. Amazing, right? BUT I’m not allowed to know or do anything… *sigh* but she is letting me work on the party favors. My friend knows me all too well… this task should kept my pregnant fingers preoccupied.

I decided to give nice soaps. I was inspired by some Pinterest ideas I found for bath scrubbers with little signs saying, “from my shower to yours!” The soaps I chose are the Honeymania soaps from The Body Shop. They are normally 4$ each, but they were having a 4 for 10$ sale so I bought out the entire stock at one store, haha (make sure to call ahead!).

They turned out so good! I’m always happy when a craft looks like it has a nice professional touch. As a rule of thumb, if a party is expecting the guests to bring a gift I always give a favor. Generally speaking, I try to stay within ~10% of the average gift cost including packaging. Since this is a co-ed shower, I decided to do one favor per family invited.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • 1 bag of shredded paper (1 bag is good for 12 favors, 1$ at the Dollar Tree)
  • Jewelry boxes (JoAnns sells sets of 6 for 2$ with a coupon. Amazon does 6 for 4$ with Prime shipping)
  • Honeymania soaps
  • Cardstock (Click Here: ShowerFavorTags for the free template!) – 60 cents at FedEx to print
  • 18 ft of ribbon (~ 3 yards per 12 favors)
  • Glue (Elmer’s Glue All)
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • 1 attention-seeking puppy (optional)

Place the soaps into the jewelry boxes, and then pack around with some paper shred. I chose brown shred.Baby Shower Favor

Get harassed by your puppy to the point he squeezes under your leg, wanting you to pat his head. Pat his head, then he falls asleep on your leg (I’m wearing shorts… just FYI, haha… it kinda looks like I’m crafting in the buff in this pic).


Tape down the box sides to make putting the ribbon on easier. Use the glue to affix the ribbon, allowing the first end to dry before gluing the remaining end

Baby Shower FavorI printed my labels at Fedex–which is 59 cents per page. Then I used a glue stick to affix the labels. DONE! 😀

Baby Shower Favor


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