Just Between Friends

The Just Between Friends event is a roaming consignment event for baby and children’s items. This is my first time going to an event like this, I heard about it through my Estate Sale weekly e-mail about a month ago and, seeing as I’m pregnant, it caught my fancy. These events occur all over mainland USA and in BC, Canada too.

mapSee? Thrifty states (and territory)

I decided to go to the Sacramento event, because it looked like it was going to be rather large, and I’m a sucker for what is, effectively, massive garage sales.


  1. It was, effectively, a nicely organized, massive garage sale as I imagined
  2. The coordinators were responsive (I sent them an e-mail, quick turnaround)
  3. The venue had free parking and was big enough to hold the event. Nothing was cramped
  4. The volunteers/staff were very nice
  5. The deals were amazing, as promised
  6. The selection was amazing, as promised
  7. Newly minted-moms (me) got to get in early (for a 2$ fee)


  1. It was a giant flipping warehouse, with no ACin the middle of a Californian summer. It got to 100°F (38°C) today, and does so on a regular basis. IT WAS SO HOT INSIDE!!! At the end, I was red-faced, sweating, and feeling faint. I didn’t even stay that long. Guess what tomorrow is supposed to be? Yep, 106°. Saturday? 103°. Oh yeah, those are event days too. The venue had five of those big-ish drum fans…gave an update on their Facebook page about the heat, and to bring water… no excuse! Please, never use a non-AC venue again.
  2. The entrance coordinators were disorganized. It cost 2$ to get in as a first time mom, or free if you sit in the hot entrance and wait until 4PM…. I had the pass, and a 5$ bill… take my money. But no…. the cashier wasn’t scheduled to start… until 4PM… okay? They let me in anyways, so I’ll give them a pass for that–but that doesn’t make them organized, just really nice.

I was mostly annoyed with the heat, but–not every event is going to be this hot, and not every venue lacks AC… OK. So, moving on.


See? Big venue. Huge sale. This is from their facebook page, and it’s even cutting off a all of the girls clothes, and much of the room decor and bedding sections.

photo 1

There was racks and racks of clothes, Halloween costumes, holiday clothes, tons of toys, books, cribs, everything. There was even a small leather child’s chair for 25$…. I was sooo tempted despite the complete impracticality of the purchase.

0071414114901_500X500LOOK AT IT! How cool is this??

You name it,it was probably there. You mean you want a digital baby scale? Okay. Deal. 10$, comes with batteries even. I didn’t buy this… I couldn’t think of why I would ever need it. Maybe people with preemies?

photo 3

Since I didn’t know the gender I had to pass up the sea of clothes, and…because of the heat… I passed up BOOKS and CRAFTS! And I love books and crafts. So here is what I got:

photo 5

Guess how much??? My husband guessed 250$, so I’ll consider that his blessing for my trip, because I got it all for 60$! Amazing 🙂

  • Evenflo Baby Gate
  • Evenflo TrailBlazer Backpack
  • SafeLift Universal Crib Wedge (an inclined pillow for under the mattress sheet)
  • Flannel Swaddling Blankets
  • Infantino Shop&Play 3-in-1 Grocery Cart Cover
  • Munchkin Dishwasher Caddy
  • Foam Pads (Ok… I got those for a tent floor pad… I’ll be honest, those were for me)

Everything was in new or good condition. It was all stuff I wanted, probably didn’t need, and definitely didn’t want to buy brand new. Some items were definitely more-loved than others, some people don’t take as good of care of their things. I passed those items up. I was being picky! Either way, rule number one when buying potentially used items: clean them. So that’s my next task for everything. All-in-all I was pretty happy with my haul, despite the awful heat. I’ll think I’ll tough it out next year too. Though I’ll bring a rolly-cart, a hair tie, and lots of ice water, just in case.

I recommend it, here is a link to find if there is an event near your location.


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