Gender Reveal Scratch-Off Cards!

photo 2 (1)Boy and Girl scratch off options.

I love easy crafts. LOVE them. I was bent on doing a scratch off cards for a gender reveal. So I used my limited GIMP skills and semi-cool Word saavy-ness to create Gender Reveal cards for a girl and for a boy.  I did both genders because I’m sorta not finding out the gender until August 9th…. which is three Saturdays away… But… I could not contain myself.

Items and Cost Breakdown

  • Cardstock (I had leftovers from our wedding) $2.79 for 50 sheets at JoAnn fabrics
  • Corner Rounder Punch $6.51 (I got mine for $4 at a local store called “Bi-mart” during my wedding)
  • Color prints! I’ll share the cards I created (Not for commercial use!) $6.50 at Fedex/Kinkos for 4 copies of girl and 4 copies of boy 
    BoyReveal (PDF)
    GirlReveal (PDF)
  • A paper trimmer ($16.75 here) or free at Fedex/Kinkos
  • Scissors
  • Clear packing tape
  • Silver metallic paint (like this, any brand) ~$2
  • Dish soap (any brand)

If you’re not convinced about the corner punch, it’s great, I use it for all sorts of paper crafts. Here is the difference between rounded corners and the standard straight cut:

photo 1 (1)What a professional look the rounded corners give!

After you’ve printed your cards, cut and place the clear packing tape over the top.
photo 3 (1)

Here is the final product! I used a metal nail file to scratch off my over-zealous painting, and ensure the edges looked nice and round.


For the scratch off part, I’m going to share the video I watched, because it shows how much dish soap to add to the silver metallic paint MUCH better than I can explain. Plus, the video should get some views for her being so helpful to explain the process.



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