No-Gender Nursery

I’m a planner.

Not the full-blown Type A “Vacation Step 1) Enjoy Rollercoaster at 11:15AM…” kind or the full free-spirited Type B “We’ll see if we can get tickets after we arrive at the concert…” kind of person. I’m somewhere in the middle. For any life event I know I’ll locking lips with Excel and that I have probably pinned half of whatever the event is before it even became a realistic future event.

880de916fbf5c0c8465f3532b4fa7ddf 10,000 pins and counting…

Our wedding? Flawlessly documented, financially on spot, and with enough lee-way to not kill my husband when he informed me he left his tux in another state the night before our wedding. See? Documented flexibility.

timthumbCake helps many life situations

It came to no surprise (to me, anyways) that I would handle pregnancy the same way as I do other life events. That extended to how we wanted to decorate our child’s bedroom. And I wanted to decide this prior to learning about the gender. I also knew determining this would help when filling out any baby registry, so it was a win-win from my perspective. Either way, the goal was to have a “happy room for a child” not a “happy room for a boy/girl.”

Though… people can be really stingy with the color palette. “This is a boy outfit” “why?” “because it’s blue.” “Okay…”

You know the difference between a boy outfit and a girl outfit? Bow placement.

girlLook at that gender divide. Order is restored.

Keeping all this in mind I set about pinning baby stuff with my usual reckless abandon (boards: Baby, Crafts for Kids, Kids Stuff, Pregnancy, Education admittedly, I got a little side-tracked, 2 Years, and Newborn Photos) and eventually I saw this:


It was lovely. The light blue I switched to Teal (because I already over-purchased too much teal fabric at JoAnn’s for my apron project…) but the rest… the lime green, the happy orange, those perfectly grey walls…. this was it: our color palette!

My husband gave his hearty thumbs up.

So I bought [more] fabric…


And paint…10541002_10152245976608517_697616091_n

And painted some objects with the accent colors…

10485376_10152247289833517_1889797389_nThe teal is my favorite, as you can see…

We have four weeks to go until we find out the gender; but, that doesn’t matter, because LIFE is full of happy colors. I can always stick bows on things if it becomes too confusing for us adults. 🙂


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