DIY Baby Bath Apron!

Here is my DIY towel apron version! (Ok, admittedly not a great photo, and no chubby baby–yet)


This apron is a long towel apron which allows you to always have a towel handy to both keep you dry and to dry off the baby. I made one for my sister, but seeing as I’m also going to be having a baby… I made one for me too.

I did not follow Blissful Patterns PDF pattern, but it was my inspiration. You can click on the link if you’re not a free-bird crafter like apparently I am. Here is the inspiration photo:


For one apron you will need…

  • A towel (I got some super plush ones… word to the wise… your sewing machine might not enjoy super plush towels).
  • 1/2 yard of batting (I had a good amount leftover)
  • 1 yards of an accent color (not a lot leftover)
  • 1 yards of a design fabric (a lot leftover. I got two yards because I was making two aprons…)
  • 1 spool of thread (matching the accent color)
  • A sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Ironing board and iron
  • Sewing pins
  • Fabric ruler or non-stretchy string
  • A sewing needle


  • Hang the towel to find the right length (about mid-shin) and cut off the excess. I wanted it long enough to wrap up around baby easily without dragging around everywhere.
  • Cut four, four-inch wide strips of the accent fabric (double for two aprons).
  • You need one long trim for the waist band. You’ll do this by combining two of the 4″ strips. This is very similar to how you combine strips of fabric to make long quilt binding.
  • Fold another 4″ long strip in half, and iron it to create a crease. Cut the strip in half. Combine the two, 2″ strips the same way as above to create one long strip.
  • You should now have one long 4″ strip, one long 2″ strip, and one regular 4″ strip.
  • Take each strip, and turn them all it into double-fold bias tape.

photo 1

  • For the chest piece, measure the width across the top of your chest, the distance up and over any boobs that are in the way, and then the width below the bust from about the mid-way point below the armpits (see image below).


  • Trace out a pattern on the designed fabric, adding about a 1/2″ around the entire pattern for a sewing margin.  You can also trace this onto paper (but I felt comfortable winging it).
  • Cut out your top piece, the reverse back piece, and a piece of batting according to your pattern.
  • Place the printed patterns so they face each other (so the ugly side is out), and then place the batting on the top of one side. Hold together with sewing pins.
  • Like sewing a throw pillow, you’ll use the machine to sew around all of the edges leaving one corner open wide enough to pull the chest piece through so it rights itself and looks pretty. Then you sew the hole closed.
      • You could also keep the right (designed) sides out, and the batting in the middle, and sew the edge knowing you will cover the ugly bits with the bias tape–removing the excess afterwards. I felt like that may appear lumpy looking, so I chose not to do it this way. Especially since one of my aprons was going to be a gift.
  • Use the thinner trim to cover the edge of your chest piece. Pin and sew it on. Remove any excess.


  •  Pin the long strip of bias tape over the top of the cut end of the towel. Pin the chest piece to the back. Try to keep everything centered. Sew in place.
  • You’ll need to continue sewing the edges of the bias tape all the way toward the end of the apron string. Ensure they are the same length, and you’ll likely want to fold and iron the edges inward for a clean tip of your apron strings. I made mine simple squares.

photo (2)

  • Take the remain bias tape and sew around the open edge to create the neck band.
  • Place the band behind your neck and determine how low you would like the apron to hang, ping your neck band in place. Cut off the excess and fold the rough edges of the fabric under to

I chose to put mine in the front as a triangle because I felt it would be stronger.  Consider the force the neck band needs to endure in the long term to dictate the stitch pattern and how you want to attach it.

No pattern, no rules. Here is what mine looked like (please excuse the pen mark on my thumb… I get a little wild sometimes when I’m crafting…) 😉

photo (1)You’re done! It took me about half a weekend day to get both aprons completed.


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