Pregnancy Announcement (Facebook Official!)

I didn’t really realize how many segments I could chop my life into if I really wanted to… but announcing our pregnancy ended up with three groups: co-workers, close family and friends, and then “the rest”–aka my old friends, acquaintances,  distant family, former classmates and colleagues who remain connected with me or my husband through Facebook .

Here is my husband’s Facebook Profile picture:


The sign was easy to make, I printed out the letters and cut them by hand. After using some old paint I had lying around, I used mod podge to adhere the letters to the wood board. The board cost 5$ at Michael’s and the ribbon was 1$. I used some like-colored thumb tacks to keep the ribbon in place.

I tried to make Ambu’s toys look like an X and an O for a hug & kiss, but I don’t think anyone will notice it. Haha… he was a good photo puppy, who is now full of chicken for all his effort.

This is my Facebook Cover picture:


That’s our dog Ambu managing the sleigh while my husband and I steal a kiss in the back. Considering our projected due date is December 25th, I couldn’t help but do at least one Christmas-themed announcement! This one only cost my time. I used GIMP to edit the image.


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