Pregnancy Announcement (Co-Workers)

I guess this is a DIY in some stretches of the imagination. I did make the sign after all…

Box of Bagels &  Cream Cheese + the Sign: “Eat up everyone!  I can’t be the only one with a belly!” 🙂

Here it is:


Any other ideas?
Donuts, Cupcakes, Cookies… or other non-sweet ideas?

Coffee and biscotti might work. You can get large biscotti containers from Costco that are pretty tasty and you can buy the large “Starbucks Coffee Traveler” to bring to work. Might need a different sign than the one I used for the coffee one, but I think it would be a nice idea too.


One person thought the pregnant lady was actually a fat lady, and came and consoled me for not being overweight. Thanks? Side note: that same person later said that they, “knew [I was] pregnant all along!” because I “ate soup” one day. So… a word of warning to anyone trying to conceal their pregnancy: don’t eat soup.


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