First Trimester: Complete!

Haiku Summary
Cheddar and pickles
ultrasound, blood work, naps
a lot of boob

We hit the 12 week mark this Friday. Some places say that 13 or 14 weeks is technically the end to the first trimester (because 1/3 of 40 weeks is about 13.5 weeks), but I’m calling it. Woohoo! Go uterus, placenta, and baby!

After a rather bumpy beginning into our foray into pregnancy, we’re finally feeling excited again. Like the first time, I knew I was pregnant right away–I felt something I could only describe as a “heaviness” that ended up turning into a positive pregnancy test. This time there is an actual baby in there and so I can move beyond December 2013, and think about December 2014 instead!

My mother-in-law’s Indian horoscope guru apparently knew we were pregnant too and even picked the correct birth month. My husband insists he didn’t tell her (besides, the star guru fellow guessed two weeks before we took the home pregnancy test).

First trimester highlights:

  • Boobs = 36G. Not a typo…help me…
  • I gained 1-2lbs (I’m guessing it’s all boob though)
  • Boobie pain… so much pain…
  • Nausea, all the time
  • Did not actually vomit. Spent 100% of my day (and night) feeling like vomiting instead.
  • I am functionally exhausted (though I did fall asleep at my desk for the first [and hopefully only] time in my life)
  • Keebler’s Zesta Crackers

Zesta Crackers

Sometimes, when you are nauseated 100% of your day, you may stumble onto an item that offers you relief. You will then kill for more of this item. One day, I bought some warm chicken soup from the small In-Joy Cafe inside my office building and he gave me two complimentary packets of Keebler Zesta Crackers. God bless him.


I had tried saltine crackers already, but Zesta had something more… It was perfect combination of meager flavor and nausea reduction. I must find MORE. So I went to Raley’s grocery…nothing. Safeway grocery…nothing. I went to Keebler’s website and used the “Find a Product Near Me” feature while standing in the middle of the cracker aisle. Nothing within 5 miles…10 miles …25 miles… Agh!!!

Amazon! Yes, Amazon never fails me!

There they were: Keebler Zesta Saltine Crackers, 2 Count (Pack of 300).  $15.05 with free shipping… a little overpriced, maybe. But… I was willing to drive 25 miles away from my zip code. I placed the order and walked out of Safeway.

photoHoly Cracker Supply, Batman!

I could not have imagined that 300 cracker packets looked so literally like…well, 300 cracker packets. There wasn’t any packaging, just a box FULL to the brim with crackers. They are confetti’d about the apartment, my car, and my office. I even found one in my underwear drawer.

While it’s hard to argue that I was not craving these crackers (it is really an act of self preservation) I can’t  say I had cravings during the first trimester. I didn’t try any food that didn’t sound good for me to eat, and avoided any food I thought I might not be good for my stomach. So I ate a lot of cheddar cheese sandwiches, pickles, carrots, snap peas, apples, eggs, chicken soups, and yogurt. Mostly healthy.

All in all… the first trimester was OK. I ate about 7-8 snack/meals a day. They were all very very small. Coworkers give me odd looks when I eat a packet of crackers during long meetings. But, it’s either that or barf on the conference table–and one is less embarrassing.

The last few days I haven’t been as nauseated during the day, and went back to nauseated mostly at night. My doctor said I’ve likely “hit the bend” on my nausea and it may begin to taper away…..into nothingness! Hooray! She suggested I save my remaining crackers for any future pregnancies… haha.

The baby

Ok, obviously, right?

Here is the 8 week old blob thing, it’s the thing within the jelly bean shaped thing on the right-hand side of the pic. Very technical, sorry for all the high-end jargon. That is the heartbeat on the left.

photo (2)

It was really reassuring to hear the heartbeat, and the doctor said the baby looked normal and had a strong heartbeat. That’s good, because we couldn’t tell.

We had a bit of a scare at 11 weeks, I had started spotting after a really steep climb at Lassen Volcanic National Park,  and I flew out to Mississippi for work the very next morning (5AM!). The doctors scheduled me for 1 hour after my return flight, and there was baby, moving around with legs and all non-blob-ish! Cools! We also got a pic of that visit, but I can’t even tell what it is. So I’ll not post it.

Here is the 12 week old baby-looking thing. I had to ask very sweetly for an ultrasound of this, because apparently they don’t do very many at this hospital. It’s more natural birthing, but with doctors and midwives. Precisely why I picked this hospital. BUT! I wanted my husband to see the movement (he didn’t get to come to the panicked 11-week appointment). So they said, “Oh okay, sure.” 😀

These pictures are really more of a memory of the visit I guess, because they never seem very impressive to look at. The baby was moving around a lot–mostly looked like it was stretching and twirling. This was the best picture…still looks like not a lot, so I labeled it.

photo 2



We met our midwife this trip, and she looked over the blood work results (they sucked out …just… so much blood) and said I was super healthy and deemed me “low risk” and gave us pamphlets about tub births. This is good, because I have PCOS and was very worried about this. The hospital had also ordered extra blood tests for running blood sugar tests (yes, they sucked out EXTRA blood!). But I’m very normal, 4.5% hemoglobin A1C and a 94 non-fasting blood sugar level. Anyone with PCOS knows how this is… and I’m not interested in explaining. So.much.blood. *passes out*

The ultrasound pictures still look weird to me, but I LOVE seeing the ultrasound itself. Actually seeing the baby move and SEEING the heart beat and hearing it. So cool.

I have more blood work for testing for down syndrome, and an extra ultrasound (suggested due to my “advanced maternal age” …of 28).

Going forward…second trimester:

We joined the Prenatal Group at our hospital which replaces normal prenatal visits with a 2-hour session with three midwives. We are all  grouped by birth month, so my husband and I are in the December group.  You get your normal, private 30 minute session with a doctor (or midwife), then 1.5 hours of group discussion/education. All the ladies will be in the same stage of pregnancy as me.

I don’t have any family nearby and my husband’s family is even further away (in India…pretty far!), so I think this will be a nice option for us. The first visit is next week, but she said we can skip it if we want and start with the July visit.


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