DIY Pregnancy Announcement (Message in a Egg)


So, I’ve done the message-in-a-egg invitations before.  I knew it worked and I also knew they were extremely well received (someone even tried to save it, but they shatter very easily once dry).

First things first… how much is this cool idea going to cost me?

Cost Breakdown

  • 1 dozen eggs (1.50$)
  • 1 Duplexed Print from Fedex-Kinkos (2$ …can we say overpriced?)
  • Shipping Boxes (4.50$ for 25 boxes. I have Amazon Prime–so shipping was free)
  • Blue and Pink Paper Confetti (4.40$ per bag, free shipping with Prime. You can get these from the Dollar tree too. 1 bag of each color was plenty for 12 eggs)
  • Cost to Ship Priority USPS (2.32$ per box–even across the country!) I took 2-days to reach everyone.

My total cost to make and ship each egg announcement: 3.52$

Other stuff you may need to purchase (but I already owned):

  • Packing Tape
  • Tissue paper (I save the Macy’s tissue paper, but you can also get at the Dollar Tree for pretty cheap–you’ll need 2, 1/4 sheets per egg)
  • Scissors or Xacto cutting tool
  • A needle
  • A bowl (and an idea for what to do with 12 eggs, e.g. lots of omelets)

You may be able to reduce the cost if you can print somewhere for free, or if you buy the paper confetti at the Dollar Tree. Had I done that, my cost would have been 2.79$ for making and shipping each announcement. Which is a pretty good deal for such a neat announcement I think. Might be good for a birth announcement or a gender reveal too.

Step by Step

  • Create a two-sided Word document with your message
  • Print the message and use the scissors (or xacto) to cut it into strips
  • Curl messages into small rolls

Here is the word document for my Eggs‘ message. Feel free to alter for your own use!

photo 1 (1)

The message on the front says:   A boy or a girl we really can’t say… The one thing we know: a baby’s on the way!!!  Love, Siv, Sarah, Baby S (and Ambu too) December 25, 2014
The message on the back says:  We hope you’re excited, we know we are! We’ll make it “Facebook Official” in two or three weeks. Until then, please allow us the opportunity to announce our happy news privately to the most important people in our lives! You! 🙂

The message on the back was so people who might receive the egg sooner than others didn’t post a pic or something on Facebook immediately. Which was good because my mom has now asked each day when she can post her egg picture… so two or three weeks is becoming one week because my mother cannot contain herself. I read that: people who count find out first, and the rest find out via Facebook. I am eagerly awaiting the egg’s east coast arrival!

  • Decorate
    If you like. I left them plain ol’ white, so I skipped this step. They are too brittle to decorate afterwards.
  • Empty the eggs!
    This is done by using the needle to make hole a little smaller than the size of a drinking straw (1/2 centimeter) at the bottom of the egg. The hole did not turn out perfectly round, but that was OK with me. Then, pierce the needle through the top of the egg to make a tiny hole. You’ll then blow through the small hole over a bowl to spill out the egg contents. Do not pierce the small hole first, or you’ll have raw egg come out while you’re making the larger hole–this is where you will place your mouth so you don’t want raw egg there. I completed this is two sittings and two large omelets. It requires a lot of air and creates a lot of egg!
  • Clean the eggs!
    Fill the empty eggs about half full with water, shake, and the blow out the water.
  • Let the eggs dry
    Be careful, they’ll be pretty brittle once dry. I used the egg carton to hold the eggs in for safe keeping. I let them sit about 24-hours, or you can roll up a paper towel and stick it in the bottom hole and let it drain for 10 minutes before removing the paper towel. I did this for my last-minute eggs, because I didn’t want to wait.

photo 2 (1)

  • Insert message
  • Pack
    Some tissue paper crunched up a bit, then 1 color of paper confetti, egg, then the other color of paper confetti, then some more tissue paper to top it off. If you have a “Crack Me!” sign, place this on top of the last tissue paper and close up the shipping box.

photo 4

  • If you don’t have a “Crack Me!” message for inside the box (which I didn’t). I wrote mine on top of the box. A little confusing maybe, but that adds to the surprise. 🙂

photo 1


  • SHIP!
    Here is the USPS Priority Map, you enter your zip code, and it will tell you how many days your egg will take to arrive. I shipped mine on Wednesday for a Friday arrival, with Saturday as a backup, just in case 🙂

Here is my mom’s squished egg…can you hear my sister screaming in the background? I still can… my ears never stopped ringing…!


Hope this was a helpful tutorial. I had fun making these anyways!

Here is the inspiration photo (the image didn’t link to anything on pinterest…if you know the original author, let me know!) :

8a08d64e9b9437d936023120ce7f0851 (1)

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